Jeff Draco

"The musical Swiss army knife himself has assembled a team of evil villains to make his basement concoctions come alive. Jeff is best described as Mac DeMarco in an alternate universe where he doesn’t chain smoke cigs and has a very stable family life." - Blake Ruby, Red Couch Records

Described by the Washington Post as "throwback indie rock," Makeup Girl is a music lover's dream come true. From their humble beginnings as a rock duo started by singer Brody Steck and drummer Caleb Schiebel, the band has expanded and matured into something much greater.

Joined by multi-instrumentalist Johnny Leander, and bassist Avery Steck, the band is now at full power.

Drawing from the likes of Stevie Wonder, the Strokes, Funkadelic, and the Arctic Monkeys, Makeup Girl's sound can be described as an explosive combination of pop rock and other genres including jazz, R&B, latin, and funk. Drummer Caleb Schiebel tirelessly pushes his set to the height of its capabilities, pumping out tight rhythms that allow guitar lines and melodies to run wild. Audiences should expect an engaging live show, ranging from energizing rock songs to dreamy jazz inspired numbers. Makeup Girl songs are filled with surprises as the band flows from groove to groove, seamlessly switching tempo and time signatures as the songs progress.

The band is currently preparing to release their next EP “In Time” - a genre smashing collection of songs designed to take listeners on a journey through musical realms. An EP unlike any MG EPs to come before, “In Time” shows off the band’s new lineup and further expands on their songwriting capabilities. Listeners should expect a wide range of styles and mood changes throughout songs as this EP unfolds. Look out for “In Time” coming later this December.

The Burkharts

Friends since grade school, The Burkharts found a natural chemistry after starting to mess with instruments around the same age. Based out of Buffalo, The Burkharts is a five-piece alternative-pop rock band with a laid-back, feel-good delivery. After a few lineup changes and a name change, The Burkharts is currently working on its first full-length album. Using dense vocal harmonies and electronic instrumentation to switch between major and minor modes, The Burkharts' music is an ambient smokescreen of easygoing surf rock mixed with 60's psychedelia and pop, full of saccharine keyboard textures and catchy guitar melodies.



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