The Garden Ball

The Garden Ball

In a land far away, sits the Castle of Sonique, surrounded by moats full of glitter, the couture dressed guards protect the fashion-forward royal family. Beyond the sequinned castle walls, lies the secrets of the Royalty Fam. Facts that only a few can recall. Fashions that only a few can attain. Yet, their entertaintment keeps their name alive. But for one night only, the guards are playing nice and the Royal Family is hosting their first tea party.

House of Sonique presents The Garden Ball: Royal Tea.
The Garden Ball is where the norms of fashion & art & gender don’t exist. Come enjoy our runway show and what’s better than one fashion designer? Three. And, that’s only half the tea, come walk a category & have a chance to win a trophy.



*** This event is 21+ ***

*** Tiered pricing at the door: $20 general admission, $15 with a single tea bag, $10 if wearing a crown or headpiece, $5 with RSVP. ***

The Garden Ball is hosted by Butterknife Decadence & Mr. Ms. Chrysalis. We are also excited to announce our permanent judges: Phil Powell, Pussy Noir & Mary Bimbola. Special guest judges: Geneva Confection & Alicia Love.

Performances by Alicia Love, Sigma Fraud, Sippi Sonique & Pussy Noir.
Music by Dvonne (CTRL).

Ain’t no party like a House of Sonique party.

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