"...feels both exhilarating and a bit dangerous, like throwing back that first shot of tequila (that’s perhaps lit on fire)." - Eliza Berkon, the DCist

Fellowcraft is an original Grunge-Blues Trio from Washington DC, described as Alice in Chains meets the Black Keys. All three members favor a minimalist approach to songwriting that allows each instrument to be featured prominently. They're also really, really nice guys.

In March 2015, Fellowcraft released their debut EP, "...the Singles". The trio released their sophomore record, a full length album, "Get Up Young Phoenix", worldwide on New Years Day, 2016. The trio's third release, THREE, was released in September.

MOBROS are an Indie/Alt Rock duo comprised of two brothers currently based in Charleston, South Carolina.
All MOBROS’ music is written, recorded, and produced by Kelly and Patrick Morris at “Leon's' Electric House Studio” in Charleston, SC. The duo released their debut album “Walking With A Different Stride” under Digitally Sound Records which was followed by a two and a half year touring stint that included annual performances at Midpoint Music Fest, SXSW(Twice), 420 Fest (ATL), to just name a few. Earlier this year PopMatters debuted their newest single and music video “Carrie Anne” which they regarded as a "multilayered song filled with soulful lyrics, unexpected melodic turns and an unforgettable atmosphere.” Following their release of Carrie Anne were two tours through Canada & the U.S. in May and July of ‘18 promoting their newest yet to be released single and video “Don’t You See?”.

Milo in the Doldrums

Milo in the Doldrums is an indie rock band hailing from the sandy beaches of northern VA. Tinged with melancholia and uplifted by a love of life, Milo in the Doldrums harnesses the power of music to overcome the despondency of modern life… and, y’know, do stuff!

In 2015 Rob Mays began playing Milo songs solo at open mic events at Epicure Cafe in Fairfax, VA while also working with radical friends to record a self titled EP. Later that year he met a funky young drummer/bartender/ankle model named Danny Ortiz and Milo’s heartbeat was forged. Their first show ever, also at Epicure, became snowed out -which totally sucked! -but gave them a chance to start working with another Epicurean, open mic host and unprofessional go-go dancer Reis DeBruyne. With Reis on bass the band was now a thundering trio -and the snow was forced to melt. Despite killer early shows, something was still amiss. Cue Rob’s boss Richard Smith who inquired about joining this hot, sweaty, sometimes sticky band. After demonstrating his wizardry on guitar and promising not to fire Rob for burning the bananas (again?!) the band evolved (if you believe in that sort of thing) once more and Milo in the Doldrums officially became the tightest, sexiest, miracle of life you know and love today!



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