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"The guys really show their commitment to bringing back rock". This statement from music reviewer CeasarLiveNLoud pretty much sums up One Way Out. One Way Out is a young original rock band from Washington D.C. Their classic rock influences such as Led Zeppelin, and The Doors give them "a strong 70's vibe mixed with a modern songwriting style." Other artists that have inspired the band are The Eagles, James Taylor, and blues legends such as B.B. King and Muddy Waters.


On January 5th, 2018, One Way Out released their first EP, “Black & White”, which consists of four songs which were recorded at Mystery Ton Studios in September 2017. They returned to the studio in November-December 2018 -- this time at Ivakota Studios on Capitol Hill -- to record their first full length album. Their lead single "Who Are You" was released on February 8th, 2018, and a second single, "Coming Back" was released on February 22nd. One Way Out's debut album "Cosmic Beat" was released March 8th, 2019.

One Way Out plays shows all around the DC area, at venues such as Rock & Roll Hotel, DC9 Nightclub, MilkBoy Arthouse, and Villain and Saint. The band formed in 2012 with Josh Gaba (Lead Vocals), Jake Schaefer (Lead Guitar), and Giulio Iacoviello (Bass Guitar) being the three remaining original members. After a year, Geist Topping took over as the drummer, and in 2015, Ari Rubenstein (Keyboard) joined the group.

"...feels both exhilarating and a bit dangerous, like throwing back that first shot of tequila (that’s perhaps lit on fire)." - Eliza Berkon, the DCist

Fellowcraft is an original Grunge-Blues Trio from Washington DC, described as Alice in Chains meets the Black Keys. All three members favor a minimalist approach to songwriting that allows each instrument to be featured prominently. They're also really, really nice guys.

In March 2015, Fellowcraft released their debut EP, "...the Singles". The trio released their sophomore record, a full length album, "Get Up Young Phoenix", worldwide on New Years Day, 2016. The trio's third release, THREE, was released in September.

Washington, DC-based songstress Maryjo Mattea captivates audiences with her uniquely melodic songwriting and hauntingly beautiful voice. Mattea’s music, which has garnered comparisons to Neko Case, Alanis Morissette, and Liz Phair, is the perfect hybrid of polished pop and raw rock. In addition to performing original music and more as a solo artist and with a band, she is also a member of the grunge-garage rock duo, Two Dragons and a Cheetah, electro-rock group, Color Palette, post-rock ensemble, Endless Winter, and occasional bassist for synth-pop band, Loi Loi. Bringing the songs to life on the records and the stage are Scott Manley, Joshua Hunter, and Eamonn Donnelly.



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