Micareta Xô Satanás | Carnaval After Party with DJ Antonio Guedes

Antonio Guedes

BRAZA! returns to The Chapel in a band van. Live and electronic music from Brazil and US, focused in showcasing Bay Area artists, blending music genres, and bringing folks together. Come down to support if you want to see more shows like this in the future.

Musician, composer, DJ and a party maker. Antonio Guedes, the co-founder of BRAZA!, has traveled the world playing and collaboration with amazing artists. From Brazilian soul to funk, samba, and house to reggae, his sets are an invitation for everyone who's interested in all forms of Brazilian music, to dance and hear how it connects with the rest world. Born in Brazil and based in San Francisco, Guedes has fused his love for his home cultures sonic exports successfully anytime he plays.

Izzy Wise

A member of the legendary Afrolicious party crew, izzy*wise plays and collaborates with many different musicians and groups, and is tending a growing discography including 11 vinyl releases. He has performed internationally in Spain, Nicaragua, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, United States, and Canada. Some notable groups are: LoCura, Afrolicious, MC Rai, Lucky Brown and the Funk Revolution, Pleasuremaker Band, Ocote Soul Sounds, Makru, Mophono Halftone Society, Sureshot Symphony, J Boogie, Nickodemus, and DJ Smash.

$5 - limited quantity available / $8


DJs sets by Antonio Guedes, Fausto & Izzy Wise
Drumming set by Arrastão do Jaga

In Brazil, micareta is the Carnaval out of season. We will bring vibes from Salvador and Rio de Janeiro after the SF Carnaval, at The Chapel, with axé, baile funk, samba, marchinhas and much more. Vai ser folia total!!

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