Deep Ella - The Goodnight Summer Tour

From the emotional well-spring of singer-songwriter Jeff Crowder, came the integral foundation for Houston-based artistic rock band, Deep Ella. With meaningful lyrics and organic melodies as the backbone of the project, the band released the record "Last Year's New Thing," in 2002. LYNT was characterized by a mix of diverse songs with a range of styles that embody the wavering passion of a progressive youth. Drawing together the experience of local success, consistent gigs, and a loyal fan base, the band began tinkering in the studio, using a few EPs to mold their sound. Deep Ella spent the better part of 2006 holed up in Helberg House, the band's home studio, working on their sophomore album "Empty Seas and Memories." The devotion of a decade paid off. Building on their talents, Deep Ella perfected an intricate mix of lusty vocals, aggressive guitar work and eclectic rhythms. The momentum of the "Empty Seas" release in 2007 allowed the band to explore regionally, supporting national acts like Blue October, Civil Twilight and the Paper Tongues. Deep Ella is set to release their much anticipated third album " the Spider," July 17, 2010. Produced by bassist Matt Noevesky, of Blue October, " the Spider" is the culmination of a colorful vision of seasoned artists dedicated to transcending the sphere of modern rock.

Dark Spark Rays


Cheers To Good Problems


The Soapbox Revolution

The Soapbox Revolution is not only a name, it's thematic in our expression of music. Loud guitars and big melodies float over dirty beats and electronics. We sing from the heart and live from the heart. Soapbox was formed in 2011 when Blake Rizzo (Vocals/guitars) connected with Joe Cannon with a few songs and some hair-brained ideas. Shortly after, Ben Coons (Guitar/Backing Vocals) was connected via friends as he was looking for a new music project to expand on. While starting to record our first EP, Krumb Cornwell landed on the bass guitar completing our 4 man crew. In 2013, Sean Conroy joined us on drums, while Joe moved over to synths and electronics, giving us a whole new texture to play with.

The Soapbox Revolution is loud and proud rock and roll covering ranges from folk to punk and topics from wild times to mental health. Rock our songs and listen to our lyrics. ¡Viva la Revolución!

Golden Terra

Five piece band from southeast Houston, Texas. We play music that we would all describe as a different take on math rock and prog rock.

The Cover Letter

The Cover Letter bare it all in their music. With every performance, it’s clear they give the audience everything they’ve got, and have a great time doing it. A lineup of multi-instrumentalists, including Jacob on vocals, guitar harmonica and drums, Chelsea on vocals, guitar and piano, Johnni Roaché on harmonica, bass, guitar and piano, Jarrod Nall on guitar, bass and piano, and Trevor Van Stanfield on drums and lead guitar, offers a unique feel to every song, as the group is known for switching instruments regularly throughout their performances.

$12.00 - $15.00


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