David Olney

Master craftsman, acclaimed singer songwriter and globe-trotting performer, David Olney, has released more than 20 albums over four decades, including six live recordings. His music has been prominently featured in ABC-TV’s Nashville and his stellar songs have been recorded by Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Del McCoury, Tim O’Brien and Steve Young, among many others. Catch up with David on his weekly live, You Never Know streamcast – starring the Bard performing a song and sharing the story behind it – every Tuesday on DavidOlney.com and YouTube. "Though he's best known as a masterful wordsmith, Olney has a knack for creating the ideal atmosphere for his gothic noir tune.” - Acoustic Guitar Magazine

$40.50 - $45.00


Workshop, 3-4:30pm

Concert, 7:30pm


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