Purple Rain (Event moved to 9:30 Club on 8/25/17)

Purple Rain

Prince conceived the concept for Purple Rain during 1982's 1999 Tour. It wasn't just a semi-biographical film, it wasn't just an album; it was both and so much more. The album itself would be considered one of his greatest works in its own right, with its blending of funk, new wave, and R&B into Prince's unique sound of the Revolution period, but what catapults it to being possibly his greatest work full-stop is its connection to the film of the same name - thus creating an album that's a weird amalgamation of studio, soundtrack, and live. The film Purple Rain is equally eclectic, straddling the line between biography, drama, musical, and music video (and right at the dawn of MTV to boot) and it would spawn not just the Prince album of the same name but albums from the other featured performers in the film: Morris Day & the Time and Apollonia 6 (a project Prince had originally intended to give a song to but decided instead to give it to The Bangles: "Manic Monday"). The film's nearly biographical nature means it deals heavily with themes important in Prince's own life, such as the meaning of family, abandonment, and sexuality. Purple Rain is the last film to win the Oscar for Best Original Musical (at the time titled "Best Original Song Score"), a category which hasn't had enough submissions since.


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