The Frights’ birth in December 2012, was an accident that now unites moms worldwide. One mom in San Diego has called the band, “Great! A fun mix of the rock n’ roll I used to love with the 50’s sounds MY mom used to love!” Another mom in Los Angeles praises the band, saying, “I hire a babysitter to go to all their shows. They just have so much youthful energy, they make me feel young too!”

Moms everywhere enjoy the band’s two self-produced EPs, their one full-length record, and even their split EP and singles, embarrassing their sons and daughters with their enthusiasm toward a band that is at least half, sometimes a third, of their age. Some of their most popular songs among moms include “Beach Porn,” “Crust Bucket,” and “Makeout Point.”

Ostensibly, The Frights are great for long drives in a Honda Odyssey. Their second full-length was produced by FIDLAR’s Zac Carper and will be released soon.

Salad rock is clearly the new rock, because King Shelter is owning it. The up & coming SoCal band has just leaked the visual for their latest single, “Everything Hurts,” and Ones To Watch has your exclusive stream today.

According to frontman Taylor Hecocks,

“‘Everything Hurts’ is my grandfather’s story. Life is hard. The American dream isn’t really a dream; it’s a vortex of preoccupations. But after all is said and done, the corner store is still gonna be selling those sweet cowboy killers ‘n vodka. For the Krispis giveth and the Krispis taketh away.”

The visual spreads these words of wisdom in a very creative form, as the narrative follows Hecocks’ grandfather with a series of symbolic drawings transitioning from one scenario to the next much like a flip book would. “Everything Hurts,” as well as the band’s previous single “Preoccupy,” puts them on the map as a force to the reckoned with in the alt-rock world.

King Shelter just wrapped up their US tour with Sticky Fingers, and we hope this means more music is on the way! Keep up with the band here.

On Drugs

With probably one of the best, straight to the point band names in town currently, On drugs embody what just about all of us Portlanders are all about - chillin' out, partaking in a substance or two, and listening to good music. They're gearing up to release their debut full length and from what we and the rest of you have seen of them, it's no wonder their weed rock was the top choice amongst our readers.


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