Agent Orange

The Original Southern California Punk/Surf Power Trio, Agent Orange has been around since forever. Never bought in, never sold out. Blazed a musical trail so wide that imitators had no trouble driving right up the middle of it in an armored truck full of major label ca$h. Still flying under the radar after all these years, with a loyal following that's always one step ahead. Hooked up all over the world, but always looking for someplace else to go. 100% guaranteed to make your ears ring. Expose yourself to Agent Orange's Fullblown-Supercharged-Punk-Surf-Grind, and you'll never be the same. C'mon down front, and have some fun!


Old Bay Thrashers

Dingleberry Dynasty

Canker Blossom

Canker Blossom started in February 2012 as two high school strangers (Alicia and Jonah) began jamming with just drums and guitar. As the bond with the instruments grew, so did their friendship.

After jamming with a bunch of people, doing shows, and releasing their first album, "Gooner", with bassist Eric Kopins, Josiah joined as a bassist in November 2013 after Eric left for college.

The second album, "That's So Killer" was released June 20th, 2015. It shall forever be known as the greatest album ever until their next one comes out.

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