Big Business

BIG BUSINESS’ 5th studio album COMMAND YOUR WEATHER. Recorded in Joshua Tree, CA, Command Your Weather sees Big Business return to its original two-man lineup of Jared Warren and Coady Willis. It’s a haunting dream about the struggle for dominance of will over the power and unpredictability of nature. Or it’s just a really great rock record, it depends on how weird you’re willing to get.. But you’ve never had so much fun being crushed in the cogs of the universe’s great machine, that much is for sure! I mean, there’s no law against having a couple cold beers while we all burn in the fire of time, am I right?!

Recorded by Dave Curran of UNSANE/PIGS/BIG BUSINESS’ LAST RECORD fame.

Founded in 2003 in Seattle, WA., Big Business has spent the last 13 years touring the world and making records. In 2006 Jared and Coady joined forces with the Melvins and moved to Los Angeles. Performing as members of the Melvins and staying autonomous as their own band, they have been there ever since.
This time using guitarist David Scott Stone in the recording studio (who had worked with Jello Biafra and Mike Patton, among others), Big Business turned out Here Come the Waterworks (2007 Hydra Head) with guitarist Toshi Kasai.

In 2008, the Big Business core of Warren and Willis were back in the studio as members of The Melvins to record Nude With Boots (2008 Ipecac). Not long thereafter, they were back to their own sessions, recording Mind the Drift (2009 Hydra Head) later that same year, the band's third LP. The album incorporated a wider array of instrumentation, such as synthesizers and skuzzy guitars that add to the already slow-roiling chaos of the patented sound. 2009 saw them release Biz Bot Remixes. In 2010 the band added 400 Blows guitarist Scott Martin. 2011 saw the release of Quadruple Singles, followed in 2012 by a 7" single titled Wild Kingdom.

Caustic Casanova

American Heavy Rock band from Washington, DC, formed in 2005.

Teen Mortgage

Teen Mortgage is a self described ’trash punk’ duo based in Washington DC, USA comprising of James Guile (guitar, vocals) and Ed Barakauskas (drums). They became active in January 2017 after James had moved from his hometown of Liverpool, UK to Washington DC. In this short time they have opened for notable bands Ron Gallo (New West Records), Ian Sweet (Hardly Art), Acid Dad, and Big Business (Melvins collaborators on Gold Metal Records) while promoting their debut EP “Strange Times” which will be available in cassette form courtesy of Wiener Records in August 2017.

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