Kimya Dawson is a Grammy winning, platinum selling singer songwriter most widely known for her work on the JUNO soundtrack and her former band, The Moldy Peaches. She has released 6 solo albums, including a children’s album “Alphabutt”. She has been featured in Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, NY Times, NME, Q, AOL, etc. She has performed live on the View, at the Independent Spirit Awards, TED/Boulder, was invited to perform on Sesame Street, and also performed at the REM Tribute at Carnegie Hall.

“A veteran of the scrappy anti-folk circuit, with stream of consciousness songs that balance the caustic and the childlike.” --NY Times

Wizard Apprentice

Independent singer-songwriter, electronic music producer, and motion graphics artist Wizard Apprentice. As a highly-sensitive introvert, her multimedia projects are attempts to energetically battle an overwhelming world. Her music is a combination of lyrical precision; intentional, minimalistic composition; and technically-amateurish charm. she creates digitally-based media that takes advantage of accessible, user-friendly technology; allowing her to skip time-consuming learning curves and get straight to focusing on inventing personalized yet highly-relatable language for deeply subtle and internal experiences. She is not a gear-head, rather, a digital folk artist who vividly and simplistically expresses her inner world using resourcefulness and honesty. Her video work incorporates green screen graphics, digital puppetry, and minimalistic compositing to produce imagery that’s cerebral, psychedelic, campy, and hypnotic. She combines song and video to create multimedia live performances that explore intimate emotional themes ranging from the challenges/triumphs of being a Black empath to overstimulation in the Internet Age.

Hamell On Trial

Hamell on Trial is loud, fast music informed by politics, intelligence and a wicked sense of humor.


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