Alvarez Kings, Animal Sun

We are Animal Sun, an alternative rock band that first got it's start back in 2015, and has been playing all over the common wealth of Virginia ever since. With that being said we have some exciting news! Our debut single "Around Again" was released April 10th, 2017, and our second single "Just for the Night" was released May 3rd, 2017! In the two short years we have been together, it has already been a wild and incredible journey. When we first started we thought we knew everything there is to know about being a band, but man we were wrong. It seemed that every move we made set us back further then where we started. However, we learned from all of our experience and persistence to never loose sight of what could be lying just ahead. Good thing we did, our hard work finally lead to some incredible opportunities. One of which has been being able to work with our Producers and good friends, Rob Ulsh and Brian Jones. They truly are masters of their craft. We have two more singles on the way and a Debut EP set to be released in summer 2017! We are super excited to share with you what we have been working on. Let us know what you think too!

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