Planes Mistaken for Stars

Planes Mistaken for Stars

The band began as an aggressive, melodic post-hardcore band in 1997, but has since abandoned the genre somewhat to an extent debated by both the band's fans and critics.

Lead singer and guitarist Gared O'Donnell started the band with guitarist Matt Bellinger, bassist Aaron Wise, and drummer Mike Ricketts. Shortly after the band self-released a self-titled mini-album, Wise was replaced by Jamie Drier. At this time Deep Elm released a self-titled EP which was re-released in August 1999. They also released the 7" "Fucking Fight" on Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records later that same year.

In 1999, Planes took part in a mass migration to Denver, Colorado with more than thirteen friends. After the move, the band recorded their second release for Deep Elm, Knife In The Marathon. In 2001, Planes moved over to Gainesville Florida's No Idea Records to release Fuck with Fire. The next year they released a 7" titled "Spearheading the Sin Movement" and also made an appearance on Black On Black: A Tribute to Black Flag''.

In 2003, Planes saw its second line up change. Jamie Drier left the band and was replaced by Chuck French. Chuck played his first show with Planes on November 2, 2003.


American hardcore / punk band from Richmond, Virginia.

American Television

Basically, there are two ways to understand what Northern Virginia band American Television is all about. You can listen to its music — that’s the easy way. Or you could watch the video the group made for its new single, “Optimist,” with audio muted, for the duration of its nearly three minutes and lonely, final seconds.

American Television is a pop-punk band. That will be clear from watching this video, even with the sound turned off. It’s got jump kicks, NOFX T-shirts in youth large, old-school Vans, a burrito, gang vocals and a singer — Steve Rovery — who appears to have earned his doctorate degree from the Milo Aukerman Institute of Advanced Pop-Punk Studies.

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