Deal Casino is a rock n' roll band from Asbury Park, New Jersey. After self-releasing three EP's, lead singer/guitarist JoeP, bassist Jon Rodney, and keys/guitarist Jozii Cowell joined up with drummer Christopher Donofrio in 2015 to begin work on their debut full length LP, which is coming out this summer 2017

dollys is a three piece band that writes candid, harmony-filled, indie pop. They are based in the basements of New Brunswick, NJ and are currently touring the northeast and east coast. Their second LP was released in February of 2016.


It's no wonder Dreamcatcher have rallied around the word "lost" since their inception. Their first EP Wonderlust highlighted the feeling of wandering far enough away from life that one would actually find themselves, but instead Chelsea Tyler found herself farther away then where she wanted to be. Tyler's voice acts as its own instrument among the band's music, caressing listeners with the self doubt and worry that plagues the darkest corners of the mind. This is woven into tunes toeing the line between pop and indie rock. The spacey atmospheres are something an individual finds themselves wandering with, not knowing where they are going to end up. The light hearted shoegaze instrumentals seem to soar into the atmosphere, creating a sort of ambience that personifies the feeling of staring at the stars on a clear night. Tyler keeps everything grounded with introspective lyrics that tear down the sky and place it in your palm, as if to remind yourself that you are alway's at the mercy of being lost, and Dreamcatcher is right there with you. Their new record, Get Lost, is the hand that will fight through the aimlessness and instill the audible presence of purpose into your life, what will you find?

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