Current Swell

Current Swell

Current Swell is Scott Stanton (vocals/guitar), David Lang (vocals/guitar), Ghosty Boy (bass) and Chris Petersen (drums). From appearances at key festivals from Australia to Canada (Byron Bay Bluesfest, Peats Ridge, Rock The Shores, Ottawa Blues Festival and more), to sold-out headline tours of Brazil, to support slots with such established artists as Dispatch, Xavier Rudd, K'Naan, The Tragically Hip and even The Beach Boys, Current Swell's infectious sound and raucous live shows have earned the quartet scores of devoted fans around the word. In 2012, Current Swell earned first place at Vancouver's Peak Performance Project and headlined a Canada Day concert to a crowd of 45,000.


Sundried brings together the repertoire of Jon Annunziato (Guitar) and our beloved couple, Simon Patanjo (Guitar) and Marta Alvarez (Vocals) in a melodious manner. Stemming from a studio project that embellished guitar licks that were thought to be a once-performed thing, luckily everything was plugged line-in to a SoundCloud. Ulrick Mitton (Bass) and Elan Okonsky (Drums) erect a rhythm section of Pastorius and Barker that provides spinal support to the dreamy indie-rock material of Sundried’s anthems.

As a collective group of students, Sundried is bringing the student body the performance of a exceptional material while bringing California a new act that holds up to the standards of innovation and juju that we are all hoping to discover for ourselves in a band you hope the radio never gets wind of because your pioneering efforts will go unrecognized.

Only six months old, Sundried is heading in to the studio to record their first full-length production that will incorporate their hits “Brown Bear”, “Walks”, “Big Empty”, and more. Sundried has opened the coffee joint, headlined the crepe place, and is on to big, better ventures, now opening for some of their own influences.

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