Animals As Leaders

ANIMALS AS LEADERS is an American Progressive band based out of Los Angeles, CA. The group is composed of guitarists Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes along with drummer Matt Garstka. Their unique musical style incorporates influences from metal, jazz, electronic, latin, classical, and fusion. In 2009 AAL released their self-titled debut album on Prosthetic Records which quickly launched them into being a trend-setting group in their genre worldwide. Since then the band has released two more albums, Weightless (Prosthetic Records, 2011) and The Joy of Motion (Sumerian Records, 2014) which debuted at #23 in the Billboard Top 200.

AAL has been featured in various media publications throughout the world including Guitar World, Total Guitar, Modern Drummer, Rolling Stone, LA Weekly, and many more. They have received signature endorsements from major companies (Ibanez Guitars, ESP Guitars, Tama Drums) and have managed to play alongside some of the greatest guitar legends such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Guthrie Govan and many more.

Now in 2016 Animals As Leaders continues to explore its musical endeavors with its highly anticipated fourth album to be released on Sumerian Records this year.

Veil of Maya

The Chicago based VEIL OF MAYA encompasses the good old American blue collar work ethic and have definitely taken the hard road to success grinding it out on the road through countless tours over the years, but now that backbreaking schedule is paying off tenfold. This quartet are one of the few very bands that can authentically mix elements of progressive metal, melodic death metal, thrash and hardcore brutality together effectively, all while keeping the listener constantly interested with baited breath wondering just what is coming next. This is exactly why they will have a career for years to come.

VEIL OF MAYA's dynamic second full-length album, id, was met with rave reviews and quickly caught the attention of the underground with it's refreshing and unique approach.


Alluvial is a collaboration between guitarists, Keith Merrow and Wes Hauch. They teamed up to craft a dark and heavy instrumental album comprised of 10 emotionally-driven songs. Musically, this album confronts battles with depression, anxiety, crippling self-doubt, raw anger, and introversion. The mood of this music is very personal and will send you deep into the minds of these artists, allowing you to identify with it in your own way, without the need for lyrics to guide you.

Hejira, a melodic metal band based out of Baltimore, MD is looking to change the game of modern day metal. With an emphasis on melodic riffs and sections opposed to most bands' emphasis on breakdowns, the musicality is evident. Look for them to tear up the local music scene through 2014 and beyond.

Current Members
Elliot Lowe
Brian Wynn
Russell Carollo
Tyler Huffman
Connor Davis

Former members:
Nick Folio (drums 2013-2014)
Tim Lyons (vocals, guitar 2013)
Cameron Meyer (Vocals 2013-2014)
Phil Book (Guitar 2013-2014)

$22 ADV $25 DOS


Box Office is open Wednesday-Saturday 12-6pm and All Show Nights, 410-244-0057. Unless otherwise noted Maryland State's 10% Admissions and Amusement Tax is included in the ticket price.

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