Inanimate Existence

Depths Of Hatred

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, this 5 piece technical death metal act formed in 2009. They've been relentlessly playing shows all over Ontario/Quebec since summer 2010 and released their debut album AVERSIONIST in March 2012 through Galy Records. The band has also been gaining national as well international presence with the release of their music video for their track Revocation, which features Elliot Desgagnes of Beneath The Massacre.

A Thousand Shall Fall

Brutal, uncompromising, relentless and with a sound unlike any other, A Thousand Shall Fall came tearing out of Santa Cruz in 2011. Formed as an answer to all cliché “genre bands’, the quintet combines elements of death and technical metal with the nihilism of black metal. Use of unexpected breakdowns and complex rhythms give ATSF their unique flavor and sound. Their live performance has been adequately described as, “A theater of chaos”. Standing stalwart and determined, A Thousand Shall Fall will release their third recording in January, 2017. It is the third installment in a thematic storyline of destruction, desolation, and regrowth.



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