Michael Dean Damron

Michael Dean Damron

Michael Dean Damron is one of the strongest flag-bearers for the old guard of Portland country-punkers whose songwriting remains as sharp as it was 10 years ago. As leader of the explosive band I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House, Damron's songs have struck a thematic balance of angry political diatribes and nostalgia for '50s pop culture, all while railing against homophobia and a lot more. A former boxer who also served with the Army's 101st Airborne, Damron's wellspring of material comes to the forefront on his new solo LP, When the Darkness Come. Produced by Fernando Viciconte, When the Darkness Come posits earnest tunes confronting aging, alcoholism, womanizing, and disability.

Cory Call

Cory Call is the front man singer/songwriter from the Ft. Collins band Arliss Nancy.

Dear County

Dear County’s debut LP Low Country, available August 26th on pOprOck records, is a dynamic 9 song offering that seamlessly blends the Oakland based band’s unique brand of California Country, Rock n’ Roll, and 60’s Soul. Low Country is a modern take on retro stylings, equal parts rough around the edges and dreamlike, laced with powerful yet heartbreaking vocals, four part harmonies and reverb-laden guitars.


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