Psychic Mind

Psychic Mind is a 4 piece band based out of San Francisco; their sound reminiscent of the glory days of tape-saturated psych rock. With syrupy guitar riffs, hard hitting drums and full figured bass lines, Psychic Mind hit the scene officially in 2015, offering some self-recorded cassettes and playing with other Bay Area hard rock outfits. After finding their own aesthetic, the band re-configured their sound over the course of 2016, ultimately going on to release a self-titled EP in early December. Currently the band is on track for a string of single releases, set to come out this Spring.

The Green Door

Formed in San Francisco in 2008, The Green Door is comprised of Mike Carnahan on lead vocals and guitar, Reese Abell on bass, Evan Wardell on guitar, Vanessa Wolter on drums, and Devin Triplett on electric organ. The Green Door started as a project between Wolter and Carnahan, as they began writing and recording a series of songs blending the raw, desert sounds reminiscent of music scores from Spaghetti Western movies with the uncompromising rhythms of 1960s garage and acid rock. The result is a harmonic force of American myth and counter-culture ideology, best described as “Western psychedelic rock.” Imagine wild 1960s rock 'n' roll driving through the desert to meet the analog spirits of psychedelia. The band is set to release their second album later in 2017.

Coywolf, sneaking into hearts and minds inducing thoughts and feelings. Based in Oakland, channeling all the nearby dirt and filth to grow sounds to reach other future ghosts. The band is a combination of players from different musical backgrounds that culminate into a sound that meets it's namesake. From the sneaking quiet to the snarling loud, Coywolf is invading your cities. Performing all new songs from upcoming album "Death Blossoms" coming out this Spring!

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