Hoj is a weird name. It's just 3 letters, but only 3% of people in the world pronounce it correctly. It doesn't translate well (especially into Spanish). And is often misspelled. The mischief caused by these 3 little letters is a constant source of amusement for Hoj and those closest to him.

Don't worry, we'll tell you how to pronounce "Hoj" correctly. That way if you ever meet Hoj, you can surprise him by pronouncing his name correctly. But we'll hold out a bit longer for dramatic effect.

So yes, lots of mischief caused by the 3 letters that are his name. Fitting, because Hoj sets out to create mischief in all his creative endeavors. His music is deep and sexy in a way that encourages crowds to create a little mischief of their own.

This sound earned him a night at Berlin's legendary Panorama Bar amongst a slew of other clubs and stages around the world. He was one of the founding members of the Opulent Temple at Burning Man, and in recent years his sets atop the Robot Heart bus have become legendary in their own right. He continues his musical escapades alongside Lee Burridge as a resident for All Day I Dream. And also enjoys a residency with Listed Productions.

He is currently based in Los Angeles. And you pronounce his name with a long "O" - like the "O" in "NO". And a soft "J" - like the "G" in "MIRAGE". The "H" is not silent.

Adnan Sharif

Brazilian-born, Adnan Sharif immigrated to the USA in 1987 and found himself right at home in his new city, San Francisco. His DJ career started in 1995, playing his first gig with, "The Gathering," a legendary series of parties held in the San Francisco Bay Area. His musical styles include all genres of house music, ranging from deep to tech to minimal. Presently, Adnan Sharif is the resident DJ and promoter of Forward SF, a monthly event hosted in underground locations and clubs in SF.

Adnans Forward SF nights have blossomed with the reputation for creating warm, inclusive and soulful vibes that unite our people and celebrate diversity. His parties are known for their large-scale rollout of solid, consistently infectious vibes that cause an involuntary surrender to the dancing and love so embedded in the San Francisco makeup.

Working with other successful groups like Brazils D-Edge, San Franciscos listed, Seattles Uniting Souls and Tropical LA has helped Adnan spread the love evident in his events and in his sound, while also releasing work on labels such as: Smoke N Mirrors, Uniting Souls Music, Release Sustain, Rezongar Music, Area Sur Records, Temple Music Group, Tarantic Records and Jah Love Recordings.

He has shared the turntables with incredible DJs, encompassing talents like: Dixon, Pezzner, Abe Duque, Tanner Ross, Droog, Justin Martin, Claude VonStroke, Hot Chip, Doc Martin, Jay TripWire, Terry Francis, Grant Dell, Mark Farina, Renato Ratier, Renato Lopez, Mau Mau, Luis Nieva, Miguel Silver, Jeno, Garth, Solar, Galen, Jbird and Lance Desardi.

He has played at internationally renowned parties, including standout
locations like: D-Edge, Warung, Cozumel Club and World Social Forum (all in Brazil), ComeUnity, The Gathering and Sunset parties, as well as the Bulletproof Boat Party and Power to the Peaceful Festival (all in San Francisco), Beijing (China), Red Noise (Venezuela) and the ACA World Sound Festival (Acapulco, Mexico).

In late 2000 Adnan Sharif began his journey into music production

Shiny Objects (a.k.a. Christopher Smith) is the founder of San Francisco’s Om Records. A seasoned purveyor of deep & techy grooves, he’s produced and released over 100 tracks and remixes under the Shiny Objects moniker and other aliases. As a global DJ, Chris has shared his sound across dance floors in mysterious lands such as San Francisco, Ibiza, Dubai, Tokyo and Belden for over 20 years. Also a core member of the Burning Man camp Disco Knights, this Shiny guy is no stranger to bringing deep psychedelic vibes to the playa. When he’s not bringing the funk, Mr. Objects is hard at work running the Om label and getting shit done in his role as founder at SF’s Monarch nightclub and Up All Night.

Jimmy B

Jimmy B grew up in the 80s in Northern California in the middle of the cultural melting pot of the San Francisco Bay Area. Ethnically mixed himself, with Dutch-German and Irish from his mom's side and his dad's Pacific Islander descent, Jimmy's truly a blend of the Bay Area culture and its ethos.

Being in the Bay Area during his teen years allowed Jimmy to submerge himself in various musical styles, eventually exploring the tail end of the massive rave boom taking place on the West Coast during the 90s.

As the years went by, the massive rave culture diminished, politics and new laws pushed things underground into warehouses, lofts, and intimate outdoor gatherings. This is when Jimmy and his friends really became intrigued and manifested their first parties. They spent much of their time organizing events catering to vibe-driven underground House music.

Between throwing warehouse parties in their small college town of Santa Cruz, he and his friends would travel up to San Francisco and frequent the Green Gorilla Lounge, Sunset Sound System, DHP, and Slide undergrounds. They would also hit up The Velvet Shop on Thursdays in San Jose. These formative years and events led to Jimmy’s first gigs in San Francisco.

During college, while attending Green Gorilla Lounge and Velvet Shop parties, Jimmy befriended DJ M3 (Sleight Of Hands) and Anthony Mansfield (Hector Works) who took the SF newbie under their wings, getting him involved as a resident DJ with the San Francisco underground staple, the Green Gorilla Lounge. Nights of quality House music and morning grooves evolved in loft and warehouse parties. Later DJ M3 acquired The Triple Crown where the Green Gorilla crew DJ'd frequently for three years before moving to Monarch, a new SOMA neighborhood hotspot where the crew kept curating magical evenings out on the dance floor continuing to this day.

Jimmy remains a strong supporter of the Bay Area underground. His DJ sets and events continue to hit the ears of hungry underground House fans, while he pushes upcoming local and emerging international talent. He tours several times a year, spreading the good word of west coast underground House, all while throwing his own VOX parties and contributing efforts to Green Gorilla Lounge and their Burning Man travels with the Disco Knights.

As a resident DJ at Monarch for the long-standing WERD weekly, Jimmy showcases his vibe-laced sound alongside co-residents DJ Kimmy Le Funk, Zoz, Nick Williams, Rachel Torro, and Woo. It's no secret that Jimmy B has his finger on the pulse of San Francisco underground dance music, as a staple within the city's legendary scene and it's future.

Joey Alaniz

His older brother was a mobile dj. At the age of 14, Joey would sneak in to his brothers studio when he was gone and scratch the shit out of anything he could get his hands on. Back then it was all hip hop but when those A. sides couldn't be played anymore, he discovered the B. side dance tracks and was instantly hooked.

His sound selection and journey-ess programming has taken him to play in far off lands like Kenya, Mexico, Hawaii, New York and all the major clubs in San Francisco. He held down a 3 year residency at the legendary San Francisco night club, The End Up doing Sunday Mass.

Now he spends his days mastering the art of fried rice, whiskey consumption, looking busy while not doing anything at all and working on original material which he will be releasing this year. He also does a new party in San Francisco called Common Ground which is now on its third year and counting which I hear is kinda sorta of amazing. Check out his soundcloud below. If you like what you hear, please follow him and leave a comment. Thank you, enjoy and see you on the dance floor.

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