San Francisco's ultimate psychedelic happening! Following in the tradition of San Francisco's 1960s psychedelic underground, the Acid Test is a mind-expanding freak-out of a party featuring incredible live music, DJs spinning obscure psychedelic sounds and groovy live liquid light show performances. Can YOU pass the Acid Test?


When the Silver Apples were formed in the mid-60’s, Simeon Coxe and Danny Taylor had no way of knowing that they were forging the prototype of experimental electronic music. Connecting over a dozen oscillators, Coxe created a homemade synthesizer which produced a world of futuristic bleeps, sweeps, distortions, and repetitious basslines. With the addition of Taylor’s drums, they sounded like The Velvet Underground fronted by Nikola Tesla. In 1968 they released their eponymous album. Where their sound wasn’t met simply with perplexity, it was met with perplexity and success—the single, Oscillations, even cracked Philadelphia’s top ten. The success of that allowed the band to use a 24 track studio to record their second album, Contact. That consists of the same mix of bass-line grooves, synthesized tweaking and quirky lyrics, but is better produced. They disbanded in 1970, leaving a legacy of two of the most innovative and influential albums ever created. Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine today’s electronica without them.

“From the moment Simeon cranks up the power and the sounds start to flow from the PA it quickly becomes apparent that this is a one-man show like no other on the contemporary live circuit; but it’s more than that. Listen and you’ll hear what sound like prescient fragments of trance, techno, hip-hop and experimental psychedelia floating around in Simeon’s retro-futurist creations.”

"Simeon invented electronic music as we know it. He still commands an instrument of his own design, a hodgepodge of controllers, wires and oscillators that bear his name. And watching the man transform the contraption so seamlessly into an extension of himself, all of us in that room are reminded how all those years ago, in this very city, a new sound emerged from an outsider’s curiosity and daring.” --The New York Observer, on the concert Nov. 2, 2016

plus Acid Test DJs Jackie Hoodoo (LA/UK) and Maicol (Tuzz Records/GrandpaWolf)


Tickets Available at the Door

ADV TIX $17 / DOORS $20. There's a 6 ticket limit for this event per household, customer, credit card number and email address. Patrons who exceed the ticket limit can have their order cancelled automatically and without notice.

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