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Mothers Worry

Colorfully Atomic Music

April Natalie Gee aka "Containher" was born and raised in San Jose, California. She is of Chinese-Mexican descent and grew up listening to her parent's old records of The Beatles, Abba, and Blondie. Her tastes have always gravitated towards strong pop melodies even whilst immersing herself in the modern textures and pulses of electronic music.
She is an autodidact through and through, not classically trained and primarily a pianist and a vocalist. Containher creates music around her voice, crafting both sound and poem around strong lines of melody. She sees herself as a postmodern composer who holds the torch from a melodic past, hoping to gather the diamonds from the oceans of time and reinvigorate them with a flame of truth and sonic emotion.
Her upcoming album is a finely crafted musical journey that she hopes will be transcendant from time to time. She says of it:
"I realize that not everyone will relate to my emotions and my truths, and that not everyone will even bother to hear me, especially because of how different I am...but I'm aiming at sonic beauty and I think if I keep my aim at beauty, then a universal truth will touch people. I actually get tingles on the top of my head sometimes when I hear a powerful piece played by a full orchestra. It's a tangible inspiration, and I hope to be a part of this force in nature that gives us all a reason to live more richly. Beauty in art is transcendent. I can only hope to be a part of that glorious wave everyday more and more. "

Imminent Waves

fat bass lines with hypnotizing synths and psychedelic drums and guitar textures to take your mind into another realm.



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