Calm & Crisis

Calm & Crisis

A three piece out of DC, Calm and Crisis delivers wild, dynamic live performances with an in your face attitude coupled with introspective lyrics and relatable stories. A perfect mix of punk and indie rock, this group doesn't shy away from stripping their music down to it's bare bones. Calm and Crisis never hesitates to push themselves or their audiences, embracing the spirit of what live music can be.

Black Dog Prowl

Black Dog Prowl is screaming guitars, door-busting drums, driving bass and powerful vocals. Think of the musical lovechild of Led Zeppelin and Soundgarden combined with the vocal styling of Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison.

Gritty vocalist and guitarist Josh Finver fronts this Washington, D.C., based four-piece that features Robert Peters on lead guitar and an explosive rhythm section featuring drummer Enzo Ferroggiaro. Though the band takes inspiration from rock pioneers that have come before, Black Dog Prowl has a sound that is very much its own and a high-energy live show that is among the best the nation's capital has to offer.

After the release of Half Truths & Lies in 2010, which OnTap Magazine calls "a spectacular debut," the band's underground following in D.C. began to bubble to the surface. Packed venues across the District and a devoted, ever-expanding fanbase were not far behind. BDP's reputation began to spread to surrounding areas and the band started traveling north to Baltimore and New York City. This band of brothers has found itself sharing bills with such national acts as Truth & Salvage Co., A Thousand Horses, The Parlor Mob (2011 iTunes Rock Album of the Year recipients) and the incomparable Steel Panther.

In 2011, with the addition of Peters and departure of founding member Micah McCutchan, the band has taken a grungier turn. BDP spent the better part of the year working with Scott Robinson in Sonic Sweets Studios on the follow up to Half Truths. In January 2012 the band released the Vapor EP, and the explosive title track received airplay on Baltimore's 98 Rock, along with various internet and college radio stations. Upon listening the EP, Marcus Dowling from OnTap wrote, "If you're a fan of popular music desperate to remember what happened to the raw vitality that rock and roll once provided, Black Dog Prowl appear poised and ready to provide the answer to your soul's desires."

The music video for 'Vapor,' directed by Alex Wohleber, had fans buzzing with anticipation of what the future holds. Now, on May 21, 2013, the band will release their brand new single and music video for 'No Robots'. This single was also produced by Robinson and the video directed by Wohleber, while the bass was recorded by Scott Ensign of the Niki Barr Band. Hold on to your butts.


Fact: Stocksmile have 300 shows booked in 2016 alone, to be exact. The van is their home and their companion. This fact shows in the maturity of their sound and the ambition they emit. Members are mixed up between Vermont, Utah and Nevada and you know what? They don't plan on slowing down any time soon.

Formerly Bobby Meader Music, Stocksmile takes an aggressive and grungy approach to songwriting. Led by frontman Bobby Meader's charming and woeful raspy pipes, many often reference the band's music as having qualitative similarities to those of Balance and Composure, Elliott Smith, Superheaven, Brand New and Manchester Orchestra. This amalgamation has led to a sonic texture that fans have coined "folk doom" or "angular bummer punk". "At the end of the day…if people dig your music they're gonna call it whatever you call it, like people already do" is Meader's confident response, when asked about the band's ascent to becoming what they feel has a personality of their own.


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