Nightlands with special guest The Building

Nightlands is the recording project of Philadelphia-based multi-instrumentalist Dave Hartley. The music he creates in his bedroom is itself a bed of delicate, chiming strings and bubbling synths beneath a blanket of choral vocal arrangements. It's dreamy in the literal sense -- the seeds for the album were sown when Hartley began archiving musical ideas that occurred in his sleep with a simple bedside tape recorder. As a result his debut album Forget the Mantra is, in essence, a field recording of Hartley's dreams -- a travel journal through pop music and a collection of psych-hymns from the first human lunar colony. The songs sound both huge and intimate, breathy and cavernous like massive echoes of a faraway concert. It's the big, shadow music from just across the lake.

The Building

"You're Still Champ" EP is made up of instrumental elements from The Building's forthcoming album "The Swooshy Businessman". In the context of the songs that they are from, these elements might get buried or brushed over. But when presented on their own, they become romanticized versions of themselves; sounding more grand and important than they actually are. There is also the possibility for them to sound superfluous and not worth being presented outside the context of their song. This idea of perception of memory is also central to the songs of "The Swooshy Businessman".



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