Brian Bell is an American musician primarily known for his work as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Bell’s hefty alt-rock meets power pop sound as rhythm guitarist for American rock band Weezer helped define the iconic sound of the post grunge alt-rock 90’s era. His work with bands Space Twins and The Relationship has provided a more intimate stage that exhibits his diverse musical prowess. Most recently, Bell has ventured into film / television score composition.

Cotillon (record release show!)

'Jordan Corso is the kind of songwriter who’s always up for a good downer song. But his self-titled debut full-length on Burger Records — produced with the perfect mix of desperation and desolation by Girls’ JR White — goes further than he’s ever gone, dissecting and reassembling his natural influences until the songs are as pure and potent (and poisonous, sometimes) as you can get. So what does that add up to? Let’s see: the acid candor of Jonathan Richman, the Stones-gone-gutter charm of Nikki Sudden, the if-it-ain’t-broke-break-it-anyway sensibility of Alex Chilton and the deliriously overwhelming glitter-literary lyricism of Suede. If this is a relationship-gone-wrong album, Corso at least learned all the right musical lessons.' --Los Angeles Times

Never Young

Never Young is a noise rock band from the Bay Area in California. Blending raw punk sounds and 90's guitar music with a synthetic digital aesthetic, jarring militant anthems meet angular pop songwriting. Never Young’s futurist sound is fleshed out and fully realized on their new self-titled EP; the sound of a pastel yellow iPhone 5c crashing through the window of your psyche.

"If you like your pop dissonant, careening, and bathed in distortion, with choruses shouted and graininess in full bleed, you’ll want to check out Never Young. The Oakland band’s recently released album, Master Copy, is eighteen minutes of short, punchy, punkish anthems, brimming with youthful exuberance, catchy melodies, and a healthy admiration for the 1990s." -East Bay Express


'Babewatch's first album, Fiscal Spliff, about the financial effects of the weed industry was released in 2013. Fiscal Spliff has songs with that magic blend of surf, psych, and garage rock that lots of bands try to replicate but Babewatch's Santa Cruz origins make their sound that much more authentic.' --Bay Bridged


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