'No one really knows who ELOHIM is and in a way, no one needs to. The L.A. singer has remained a secret despite the comparisons to Purity Ring and Portishead, and her new track “Xanax” is a trippy pop gem that adds to the mystique. She’s only released one other song (“She Talks Too Much”) but they’re enough to have you convulsing for more because supply and demand can be a total bitch." --Blare

'Betty Who explained first meeting Elohim through a mutual friend: “She showed up and played ‘She Talks Too Much’. I remember being two parts totally blown away, one part totally threatened — I’m in this house like, ‘Who is this beautiful girl who just showed up and played the most insane songs I’ve ever heard?’ She’s so cool and so edgy.”' --Idolator


The desert keeps our secrets. It buries our treasures, it swallows our identity. People come here to be forgotten, to forget themselves. And so the desert is heavy. It is heavy with memory, a dusty oasis for those who can no longer carry the burdens of their past.

But from this heaviness beams light. The promise of rebirth, of new beginnings.

The promise of dreams.

The promise of DRÆMINGS.


Luna Shadows is a multi‐instrumentalist and singer/writer/producer running her own show in the City of Angels. As the star of said show, she’s typically responsible for the writing, performing, recording, producing, engineering and editing of her music, although she’s recently brought in a couple of mainstream indie pop co‐producers, Brad and Thom of the respective bands Now Now and The Naked and Famous, to help shoulder the load.

Even the brightest, most upbeat Luna Shadows song carries a hint of romantic melancholy. The end product, made in garages and bedrooms under the palm trees of Echo Park, sounds a bit like Ellie Goulding took Lana del Rey to the beach.

Expect a set of new songs and debut live performances from Luna in 2016, including a collaboration with Kam of The Chain Gang of 1974.

plus DJs Omar and Aaron Axelsen of Popscene



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