Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a true Silicon Valley story — formed by 4 musicians with a variety of backgrounds in engineering. They shared the impulse of bringing some of the finest tunes of turkish pop-rock to the West Coast.

Sonat Karakaş, former drummer of Celloband, the official band for Turkcell, joins up with Can Yücel and Utku Deniz Küçük - two veterans of the Sabanci University Rock Choir and together they decide to follow their dream to bring a musical taste of their homeland to California in mid 2015. They are then joined by another Rock Choir veteran from Bogazici University this time, Kaan Tarıman - who released his solo album "Uc Boyutlu Yalnizlik" hitting the charts in 2011.

When Utku decided to pursue his music career back in Istanbul, Sedat Parlatıcıbilek joined as the fresh blood giving Mechanical Turk its final form in 2016.

The four have taken up the stage in San Francisco Bay Area but looking out for other gigs across the country.


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