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Surfer Blood

SURFER BLOOD's fourth album, Snowdonia, (in stores Feb 3, 2017) is a return to their DIY recording roots, and at the same time, an ambitious step forward, musically and lyrically. Along with plenty of Surfer Blood's signature catchy pop hooks, the band also concocted several epic and more complex songs with enormous attention to sonic detail. John Paul Pitts wrote and mixed the album alone, for the first time since their debut Astro Coast. The immediacy is intoxicating and the results are fantastic. Surfer Blood get better and better with each album, and we're betting that they'll be making great records for many years to come.

Surfer Blood are a magnificent indie rock band from West Palm Beach, Florida that formed when guitarist/vocalist John Paul Pitts and drummer Tyler Schwarz started playing better-than-great musical notes together in Dreyfoos High School. New members Mikey McCleary and Lindsey Mills also attended the same high school.

Surfer Blood began recording and touring immediately behind their infectious debut, Astro Coast (2010) and quickly took over almost the entire world (except for the deepest realms of the ocean and really, really cold places). The group followed suit with the Tarot Classics EP (2011), Pythons (2013) and 1000 Palms (2015). Surfer Blood have performed in 5 continents, toured with heroes like The Pixies and Guided By Voices, played on TV, at Coachella and giant festivals throughout the world, while also occasionally plugging in their amps at all-ages house parties. Surfer Blood are the cleanest and nicest band in existence.

If you've spent time around the D.C. music scene over the past five years, you've heard of Paperhaus. They're a band founded by longtime musical partners Alex Tebeleff and Eduardo Rivera. Over the course of two EPs and multiple national tours, they've worked their way up as one of the most well-known live bands in the city. Danny Bentley and Matt Dowling joined the band in 2014, adding a new edge and energy to the band as a relentless and powerful rhythm section.

In tandem, they've feverishly worked to host local and touring bands from around the globe at their home/practice space/DIY haven, which is called the Paperhaus as well. All the shows are packed. Yes, after years of critics sitting on the sidelines writing about "how everything sucks so bad now" in the D.C. scene, there's a DIY space that has survived and thrived in a way that has not been witnessed in quite some time. Since the emergence of the Paperhaus, there are now dozens of DIY house venues across the city, making D.C. the country's most thriving and active DIY music scene.

Paperhaus (the band and the DIY space) share the same spirit and commitment to building a creative community. The band's self-titled debut full-length album, to be released in February 2015, has multiple singers. Taking cues from psychedelic-inclined bands like CAN, King Crimson, Deerhunter, and Lower Dens, mixed with pop elements from Radiohead, Talking Heads, The Smiths and Real Estate, the songs on Paperhaus' forthcoming album act as pieces that stride throughout a frantic room filled with sweaty, amped showgoers who just realized that music is about people in a room experiencing a common feeling. This is very important and unique in an age where entertainment consumers have been trained to believe that bite-sized, sugary and alone is best.

The album was written over a period of two years. Most of it was composed through intense improvisation sessions and finished on stages and in basements across the country during their 2013 national tour in support of their EP, Lo Hi Lo. The themes of the album are discovering your place in the world, creating a better awareness of yourself and the world around you, and mind expansion via whatever means necessary. This might come across to some as a bunch of hippie bullshit, but Paperhaus is not a band comprised of hippies. They've been much more informed by the punk ethos and the music that followed in response to the psychedelic scene of the 1960s.

Paperhaus has shared the stage with bands like The War On Drugs, Caveman, Man Man, Here We Go Magic, Woods, The Love Language, Majical Cloudz, Moon King, Widowspeak, Those Darlins, Desert Noises and Deleted Scenes over the course of hundreds of shows around the country in the past four years.



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