Wil Gravatt Band

Wil Gravatt Band

A Texas boy transplanted to Virginia at an early age, Wil Gravatt has the musical sensibility of a musician who has explored and performed many styles.

A dichotomous journey from singing drummer in a punk band - to frontman for the country & western powerhouse Wil Gravatt Band. 

A new EP project in 2018 has Wil working with Grammy winner Ray Kennedy (producer of such stellar artists as Lucinda Williams, John Mellencamp, & Taylor Swift) and Wil’s longtime producer Paul Royce Koch.

The results are simply the best work Wil has done to date. One listen to the fiddle-laden, rollicking “Carnival Girl” gives you a sense of the talent behind the songwriting, performance, and production of the entire album.

Wil can count among his fans two American presidents (both of whom invited Wil and his band to perform at their inaugurations.) Stay tuned to much more from Wil Gravatt!

His music is available for purchase on I-Tunes and streaming on Spotify.



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