That 70s Party w. Superflydisco (Dance Floor!)

Superflydisco: The Ultimate 70s Disco Funk!

Are you ready to dance to the disco classic of the 70's???
Do you still have that polyester body suit that turns heads faster than a stopwatch???

Rather than celebrating a specific act or persona, Superflydisco pays tribute to the era of 70's funk/disco surrounded by glitter, disco balls and bell bottoms.

People have described SFD as "the modern-day love child of Sly & The Family Stone, Rick James and The Bee Gees”. They've been serving this particular flavor since 2005 and over the years, the roster of players has been a virtual "who's who" of the Northeastern Region's pro musician circuit. These players have shared the stage with such artists as Prince, The Ohio Players, Earth, Wind & Fire, Rick James, Whitney Houston, Gloria Gaynor and many many more...

Superflydisco is just what you need to bring that party to the next level!

A 10-peice live band with horns playing all the funky disco 70’s hits that create an energy that’s nearly impossible to resist.

Got your polyester?
Got your bell-bottoms?
Got your platforms?

This show will invariably become a costume contest to see just who has the most disco-luscious flare!!! So BRING IT!!!!



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