The Joe Kay Experience - A Special 4 Hour Set (at 9:30 Club)

Joe Kay is the co-founder of Soulection, as well as host of Soulection Radio and an active DJ in the LA music community. As Head of A&R for Soulection, Joe oversees 20+ artists while always digging for the timeless "Sound Of Tomorrow." A lover of music and a visionary in his own right, Joe sees no obstacles in his path, creatively problem-solving as he approaches every situation with compassion and an open mind. Joe's commitment to increasing visibility for good music and educating the public is achieved through the weekly 3-hour broadcast of Soulection Radio ( and KKJZ, 88.1FM HD3) which was awarded "Best Of" by Mixcloud in 2011 and 2012.



*** Tickets $30. This event is at 9:30 Club. ***

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