The executives at FX Network also liked what they heard and licensed a Gangstagrass track for use on a commercial for their new western crime series, Justified, starring Timothy Olyphant. Eventually, they asked Rench to create an original theme song for the show, so Rench brought in bluegrass session players to lay down an original track for rapper T.O.N.E-­‐z, the younger brother of early hip-­‐hop legends Special K and T-­‐LaRoc.
The resulting track was “Long Hard Times To Come” and it has opened every episode of the TV series since it premiered in March 2010. The same cast of musicians was later used to record the first official Gangstagrass album, “Lightning On The Strings, Thunder On The Mic.”
Justified became an instant hit and “Long Hard Times To Come” earned Gangstagrass an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music.
FX licensed “Give It Up,” another Gangstagrass track with T.O.N.E-­‐z, to promote the second season of the show. That exposure boosted album sales, created tens of thousands of Gangstagrass facebook fans and set the stage for the band’s second effort Rappalachia. As Rench explains: “The record is a shout out to Appalachia, the cradle of bluegrass culture. It’s rooted in the sounds of traditional mountain music and presents Gangstagrass as a band with independent existence, not just one sound tied to a TV show.” All told, Rappalachia fortified both the hip-­‐hop and bluegrass sides of the Gangstagrass equation, taking the music to a whole new level of intense urban twang.

Wild Anacostias

The Wild Anacostias are a happy-go-lucky ray of sunshine, spreading the irresistible sounds of Louisiana with a gumbo of parade brass, R&B, zydeco and Cajun dance numbers. This 13-piece, all-star local lineup has been playing to overflowing crowds at local venues and festivals throughout the D.C./Baltimore metro area and promises to pump up your soul as the band makes its debut appearance at the Hamilton. It’s always a party when the Wild Anacostias lay it down.

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