In this politically challenging era, it’s time to stand up against the machine.

Brass Against is a collective of artists, led and curated by Brad Hammonds, who share in the goal of creating brass protest music that calls fans to action. We want the music we perform to sound inspiring and resonate with people’s emotions, encouraging them to act. We combine rock and edgy hip-hop to play music that's powerful and empowering. Brass Against is exceptional music with a political edge.

Below are the artists you could see touring with Brass Against:
Brad Hammonds, Andrew Gutauskas, Sophia Urista, Maya Azucena, Mazz Swift, Amanda Brown, Samuel Hope, Darius Christian, Mariel Bildsten, Frank Cohen, Eli Chalmer, Melissa Gardiner, Wayne Tucker, Oskar Stenmark, Tyler Tritt, Kai Sandoval, Bruce Harris, Kenneth Bentley, Corey Wilcox, Steven Duffy, Nathan Bell

Soul Cannon

Soul Cannon's hands are torn-up and filthy from reaching in and tearing apart the guts of hip-hop's musical workings, and transforming them into a new sonic beast altogether.

$16.50 - $22.00


Patrons 18-20 years of age pay $2 surcharge at the door.

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