DC9 15 Year Anniversary

DC9 15 Year Anniversary

The day we opened was a cold Friday night and a bunch of guys were smoking weed right next door.

15 years later it will likely be cold on February 13 and you'll probably smell weed on the street since it's legal in DC now.

Come help us raise a glass to the memories you've had drinking, dancing and watching some of the best bands to perform on any stage in Washington DC.

If you were 21 then, you are 36 now.
•Gay marriage wasn't a thing (although the first gay wedding was performed in
Massachusetts that year)
•Facebook started 9 days before we opened
•BlackBerry was the fancy phone
•DSL was the FAST internet
•You could still smoke in bars
...and there was a parking lot across the street

Open at 5pm
Party at 8pm
2004 drink prices all night



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