"Oppo is a DC rock trio that wrap plaintive melodies around crunchy guitars, galloping backbeats, and a thumping low end. Psychedelic punk ditties purport to provide “opposition research” in service of an eco-feminist awakening. Whimsical fantasies, new wave paranoia, and American twang swirl together into vignettes of moral crisis and redemption, bearing witness to a tipping point between utopia and oblivion.

The story of Oppo begins guitarist/vocalist Amos Tevelow getting battered by the Great Recession and reeling into a dark night of the soul. Determined to hatch like a dragon egg from the cleansing fires of tribulation, he became a rock n roll nomad, “sharing” his life in the gig economy while patiently stitching together riffs and lyrics that had been gnawing their way through his head for years. A random(?) serendipity led Amos to Finley Martin, a plucky bassist from a fishing village on Prince Edward Island who started his DC music life by hitchhiking south on an 18-wheeler hauling lobsters, joining post-punk veterans Gist, co-founding Red Stapler Records, and touring with The Chance. Finley recruited native Pittsburgher and veteran punk drummer Jim Greif (O’Tasty, My Friend Autumn, Lava Jets) to round out the Oppo sound.

Oppo recorded its debut EP with engineer Greg Gendron in their basement rehearsal space and are releasing it in early 2019.

Their live performances have evoked comparisons to Dinosaur Jr., Wire, The Rapture, Weezer, The Police, The Clash, Talking Heads, XTC, Built to Spill, Ween, MBV, GBV, Talking Heads, Afghan Whigs, Bad Brains, and Kings of Leon."

Flo Petite was born in Tennessee, moved to Connecticut for a few years, and has lived most of her life in western Maryland. She started playing shows at 14 through the Evolution Rock School, inspiring her to start working on original music with an all-girl band called Plum. Plum eventually fizzled out, but not before igniting a fire inside Flo to create more music. She made the decision to go solo and released her first EP "Soft Wrinkled Feelings" in March of 2018. Strongly influenced by '90s artists like Kathleen Hanna, Flo is committed to living her truth and making honest, authentic music. Her debut EP has been described as a delicious essay on personal decadence -- love, lust, sex, attraction, detraction.



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