As a Fairfax, Virginia native, Tezrah learned to play classical piano at age five, which laid the foundation for her future investigation into computer music programs. Before pursuing a professional career in the music industry, Tezrah graduated with a pre-medical degree in Neuroscience from William & Mary, attended the Harvard School of Design Summer Program, and was accepted into the Graduate Architecture Program at Catholic University. She also played semi-pro soccer before her full immersion into the DJ profession.

As an award-winning DJ, Tezrah reigns in her fifth year of DJing in the Washington DC area, specializing in Top 40, electronic dance music, Hip Hop, and other genres. She is hailed as one of DC's and the LGBTQ community's brightest stars. Her sound is eclectic, combining the newest music seamlessly with older classic songs. Winner of the DJ Battle for Her HRC for 2014 and 2015, headliner at the 9:30 Club, headliner for a 5,000+ crowd at Hampton Roads Pride 2016, voted Best DJ by the Washington Blade in 2017 and 2018, and making her Echostage debut in 2018, she has garnered a solid following from all over the region.

Other projects of Tezrah's include working on an original EP album and event planning as the founder of WhiskHER DC.


Sippi, formally known as Sippi Galore, is an emerging DC queer performance artist. A provocative storyteller, Sippi relies on precise body movement to convey messages centered around sensuality, self awakening, and blackness.

Lemz makes the dance floor feel like both a home and an escape. As a DJ/producer, his club sets and original productions run the gamut from disco, house, electro, and club – even a bit of top 40 pop when the time is right – plus he can read almost any crowd like an open book. Behind a pair of Technics since the age of 12, Lemz’s early foundation in the craft led to a seemingly effortless skill that belies his laser-driven focus and constant challenge to surprise, and thrill, his audiences. Born in California and raised in Baltimore, the now DC-resident has racked up an impressive roster of parties (Sleaze, Rough House) and residencies in our nation’s capital with seemingly no intention of slowing down. It may look like he wants to rule the scene, but he really just wants to make you dance.


Too Free (Live!)

Identity is a strange and magnificent thing - and when people are given the chance to be their truest, most honest selves - possibilities seem infinite. Too Free is born of the most innate curiosity in Awad Bilal, Carson Cox, and Don Godwin - their only mission is a desire to connect. Drawing on the power of movement and improvisation, each track provides an empathetic space for the listener. Their debut album, Love in High Demand is a continuous refinement of the virtue of motion - each composition rooted in propulsive energy that envelops.

Washington, DC is a city built of powerful rhythm and kinetic motion - and plenty of variety in terrain for it's compact size. Bursts of lush forest line cross-city parkways as it cradles the intersection of the Anacostia and Potomac, sedimentary waters that reminisce of the native swamplands it was before. Just like those swamps, Too Free taps into the same primitive and intrinsic sensibilities that shape their landscape.


Making it’s debut at BENT this April, JJ 202 is curious about your fantasies. It’s playful. It’s fun. It’s mysterious. Let me introduce you. No matter what way you cut it, it READS the same. Is it a bug? Is it a virus? Click and find out.

Hosted by Pussy Noir


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SideBENT Pre-Party at Satellite Room starting at 10PM featuring DJ MadScience.  Backbar will open at 10PM for HellBENT. 

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