"A Superb Punch Of Musical Bliss. ” - Time Out

"KOLARS are as if T-Rex and the Pixies had a love child who was born tap dancing on a drum
kit and with a no-shits-given punk aesthetic.” - Underground London

KOLARS is one of those rare acts which descends from another dimension, struts its sequin
skin, blares it’s unabashed musical thrill ride and leaves audiences with their mouths on the

Rob Kolar twists and turns as he sings imaginative lyrics with a raw swagger. He spins his
guitar as notes sail and scramble through the room. A presence that embodies elements of
Elvis and Marc Bolan with a ragged punky edge. The magnetic, one of a kind, Lauren Brown
uses her whole body as a percussion instrument, tap dancing rhythms with her feet while
simultaneously playing a full stand up kit with her arms. An alluring hybrid of Mo Tucker and
Gene Kelly with a dash of Iggy Pop wildness.
Yes, there have been iconic duos before but none like this.
On record KOLARS are slightly more subtle and nuanced. Rob produces and mixes the musicand has created a genre melding soundscape influenced by his film scoring. The band has inspired evocative descriptions such as “space blues," “glam-a-billy” and “desert disco." The style combines elements of new wave, blues, pyschedelia, glam, folk, disco and punk. Theproduction experiments are infused into the live show. In essence, the duo are a hybrid of
modern technology and raw rock and roll.KOLARS have toured extensively across the US, Canada and Europe, playing many festivals
and concerts in front of thousands.

They have headlined national tours and have shared bills
with Spoon, LP, Julian Casablancas & The Voidz, STRFKR, The Kills, Best Coast, Shonen
Knife, RZA, Pussyriot, Built To Spill, The Horrors, The Growlers, Alanis
Morissette, Funkadelic, The Revivalists, Father John Misty, The Roots, Nikki Lane, Strawberry
Alarm Clock and many others.

They have built their momentum through hard work and tenacity, growing their following one
fan at a time. They tour relentlessly and do much of the work themselves. The husband and
wife duo treat the business like a growing mom and pop startup. Rock and Roll with an
entrepreneurial spirit.

Calliope Musicals

On Calliope Musicals’ forthcoming LP with RARR, “Color/Sweat,” lead singer Carrie
Fussell lets out lyrics like she just licked the apple of Eden and likes it. Calliope’s antic
live shows are a blast of secondhand glam fueled by an inclusive yet otherworldly
sound. Lush keys and guitars provide propulsion for lift-off, or lube for a love-in, as
Fussell’s lyrics slip in her resilient confessions. Said by the Austin Chronicle to stick out
like a “sore thumb” on the city’s music scene, Calliope Musicals stands up for Austin as
a frontier town for outlaws of all stripes. As Fussell sums up the group: “We came from
space. We’re all going to die.”



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