Bali Baby

As a rapper, Bali is usually peppy and playfully confrontational. She brandishes weapons and impishly makes light of her enemies (“Bounce on your tits if they’re looking like racks/I set a trap ‘cause these bitches is rats”). But as a singer on Baylor Swift, she is an aggrieved lover swaying from dependent to indignant. The opener, “Introduction,” is designed to throw the album’s first-time listeners off the scent. Atop squelching synths, she raps as she always has, literally reintroducing herself with clever parallels like “Bitches copy me, just need to cop a fucking feature/I’m a perfect picture, niggas say I’m Mona Lisa.” The album really starts with the nasally “Backseat,” which has drawn comparisons to everyone from Avril Lavigne to Rebecca Black. From there, Baylor Swift spirals outward into a moody post-rap mash-up of guitars and synths.

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