BENT: A New LGBTQ Dance Party

Featuring DJs Lemz

Lemz makes the dance floor feel like both a home and an escape. As a DJ/producer, his club sets and original productions run the gamut from disco, house, electro, and club – even a bit of top 40 pop when the time is right – plus he can read almost any crowd like an open book. Behind a pair of Technics since the age of 12, Lemz’s early foundation in the craft led to a seemingly effortless skill that belies his laser-driven focus and constant challenge to surprise, and thrill, his audiences. Born in California and raised in Baltimore, the now DC-resident has racked up an impressive roster of parties (Sleaze, Rough House) and residencies in our nation’s capital with seemingly no intention of slowing down. It may look like he wants to rule the scene, but he really just wants to make you dance.


Keenan Orr got his start DJing in DC’s underground clubs in the 90’s including Buzz/Nation, Red and Club Five. He's landed residencies at a number of clubs around the city including Cobalt, Marvin, and Eighteenth Street Lounge.

Keenan is the co-producer of SLEAZE, a monthly party blending the darker sides of disco and techno. This year he’s also DJed various promoters including Honey Soundsystem, Polyglamorous (San Francisco), Honcho (Pittsburgh), Fag Bash (Provincetown), Slay City (New Orleans), NoFOMO (Portland), Sole Rehab (Rochester) Wrecked, The Carry Nation, Ladyfag (New York City) and Buttons (Berlin).

The Barber Streisand

Donna Slash

Donna Slash is DC’s only true heavy metal queen. Birthed from years of debaucherous DJ nights at legendary rock clubs such as Asylum and the Black Cat, this misfit took DC’s stale gay scene and flipped it on its back. Whether she’s hosting her long-running drag party Gay Bash, or fronting her snotty queerpunk band Homosuperior, Donna will give you the ride of your life... or death!

Bombalicious Eklaver

Bombalicious Eklaver is a tiny little drag performer and show producer. Also known as Bomba, she is a true island girl, born and raised in The Philippines. She regularly performs in Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland. She was crowned DC Drag Wars Season 2 and All-Stars Winner.


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