Sean K Preston and the Loaded Pistols - Baltimore Record Release Show!

Sean K Preston and the Loaded Pistols - Baltimore Record Release Show!

Sean K. Preston & The Loaded Pistols is a nationally touring band from Baltimore, MD. Recently signed to RUSTY KNUCKLES MUSIC , their new album “Forgive” is due for release in October 2018. Currently, the group is touring the country to share their raucous honkytonk, dirty blues, roadhouse rock ‘n’ roll, and tear jerking country balladry.

The music of Sean K. Preston draws heavily on the influences of the classic heartbroken sounds of Country & Western music from the 40’s through the 70’s, the honesty of the Blues by the likes of Robert Johnson and John Lee Hooker, the bombast of 50’s Rock’n’Roll, the lyrical sophistication of musical poets like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Nick Cave, the raw energy of Punk, and the spirituality of Mountain Gospel. His own songs range from delicate laments and lullabies to fiery sermons and confessions.

Rodney Henry

Lazlo Lee And The Motherless Children

Lazlo Lee and The Motherless Children are a blues/garage rock-n-roll band out of Baltimore City. Lazlo, with his howling vox and guitar, front this two-piece band that was named after the old blues traditional 'Motherless Children'. With the fast, heavy hitting Cocaine Jim on the drums, this act thrives on their energetic live preformance with catchy riffs and the ability to turn on any crowd.
Lazlo and The Motherless have had the privilege to share the stage with such acts like The Dex Romweber Duo, The Dirtbombs, Biters, Hot Snakes,The Flying Eyes, Dirty Fences and Paint Fumes, amongst other great acts. The band realeased their self-titled EP in 2008, and have been on the rotation of several Baltimore radio stations since. Lazlo Lee and The Motherless Children are realeasing "Dirty Horns", a full length LP, this autumn while on their first European tour, and will be back in the studio recording another EP come winter.
Baltimore City Paper-"This Baltimore Group looks and sounds exactly like you’d think people who grew up without a nurturing female presence in their lives would: insolently bluesy, borderline boozy, and a maybe even a little pissed off. The alliteratively named vocalist/guitarist, Lazlo Lee, possesses a great howl, and it is always refreshing when a garage-rawk power band is smart enough to know that it doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to lay down a good time.""Add a quart of whiskey to the White Stripes with a dash of Zeppelin a shot of the Sonics and you get this sweet and nasty Baltimore band"

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Patrons under 21 years of age pay $2 surcharge at the door.

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