Journeying through fire, water, and air in search of the ultimate musical flavor since 2015.
Humbalaya strives to break down the genre barrier, blending sound and sensation into one tasty dish that is perfect for hungry humans, extraterrestrials, and sprites alike.
Humbalaya, along with our intergalactic companions, Tomato Dodgers, founded the DIY venue The Void, and an independent label for creation of all kinds, VoidLife Records, in 2015. Together we have helped transform the College Park music scene into one of creative abundance, and opened a portal for bands from all around the globe to reach a unique and engaged audience.
Additionally, the VoidLife Records family has helped Humbalaya curate two of our own festivals in the sweet green of western Connecticut called “Shermfest.” Many more to come!
We are looking to embark on our first extended tour this summer, and hope to share our sound with as many beings as possible - on Earth and beyond.

The Hip-Hop Orchestra

"The HHO" is a collaborative music project featuring a new generation of DMV artists who color sound with spirit using a diverse palette of personality and strokes of Hip-Hop bringing you classic medleys and landmark originals. The HHO is a 6-year project with an open door to new and old collaborators - artists of all backgrounds - and a proven intersection of style.

$8.00 - $10.00

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