Consisting of four friends from Ashburn and Vienna, Virginia. Bluewreck was born out a love for music from the 60’s, all the way up to present day. Bluewreck started out by playing some Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix covers, but soon released they wanted to take it even further. Soon after, they started writing for their first self titled album. Which started as a demo, but was officially released on March 9th, 2018. Directly following this, they began writing for their second album, and playing around D.C even more. Their second album, Out Of Control was written and recorded over the course of 2018, and was released officially in August. Bluewreck wants to deliver good times, good vibes, and provide some sonic voodoo along the way.


We play rock and roll music


Coming together in the Summer of 2015, from established solo projects in the DIY scene around Washington DC, Flowerbomb is the collaborative sound of Charles Scheider, Dan ABH, and Nat Brown on Rachel Kline’s songwriting. Rachel has been making music since her early youth and in her adolescence met Nat and Dan at The Lab All Ages in Alexandria, VA. The Lab is a community venue, studio, and practice space dedicated to fostering the growth of emerging DIY artists in the region where Rachel began booking her own shows. In 2013 she recorded and released her first solo album, Demons, with Dan at the The Lab. Charles was well aware of Rachel’s talent as a musician from her solo shows and joined the group from the vibrant DIY scene from across the river in Silver Spring, MD. When Rachel put the call out in early 2015 for band members it was only inevitable that these four would come together to make Flowerbomb’s alternative, shoegaze, power pop sound.

Flowerbomb is a compelling sonic space of authentic emotional release in the headphones, or a car stereo on long night drives, or the crowded and dimly lit basements and clubs they are known to play. Rachel’s honest and poignant lyrics ride the shoegaze waves that she and Charles blast from their guitars. Her vocal prowess and sincerity are most noticeable in the effortless juxtaposition of her naturally robust voice with moments of restraint and vulnerability. Alongside Dan's relentlessly ornate drumming and Nat's punk inspired bass lines, Flowerbomb is a complex bouquet of raw feeling and sound that commands your attention. They are a band that does not hold anything back. They have an undeniable musical chemistry in the studio and on stage which keeps audiences returning to their shows and their tracks on repeat.”

With 2 singles release in 2017 including “Marbles” and “Fleeting”, they are now currently wrapping up writing their debut LP. Flowerbomb will hit the studio in March 2018 to record with producer Mark Reiter as BIAS Studios.



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