The North Country

Andrew Grossman—bandleader, guitarist and lead vocalist for DC’s The North Country—documents his search for widespread subjective truth through expressive, narrative-based songwriting, providing both context and personal color on the trials, tribulations and tiny victories of 21st-century adulthood. Blending polyphonic psychedelia, classic American songwritership and soulful indie-rock compositions, The North Country is a band with a distinct message and broad appeal. Think about a deep songwriting session between Elvis Costello, Andrew Bird and Jeff Lynne, mix in Songs in the Key of Life-esque horn arrangements, St. Vincent’s otherworldly progressions, and you’re on your way to understanding The North Country.

Born in a DC college house from five very close friends and roommates, Lavender's music is reminiscent of a time when late night confessions in the backs of cars were the norm. Their debut EP "You Are In The Right Place" was released November 2017 to positive reviews, and over the past year they have opened for a wide range of artists including Wolf Alice, Middle Kids, and Lola Marsh.

Camille, a budding singer songwriter from DC, and Teddy, a well-traveled and seasoned musician, met serendipitously one day at a local eatery where they ended up chatting for hours about their musical pasts, present and future over lunch. Weekly phone conversations and long threads of text messaging eventually culminated into the two of them drinking mint juleps in Camille's backyard, romancing over shared musical influences and imagining futures of sublime success. Out of the clouds and out of the blue, it was there that something was born between the two. Something NUEX.


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