Consisting of Marina Heath on vocals, Jacob Ommaya on guitar and secondary vocals, and Pablo Hannan on drums Echoheart is an up and coming band from Washington, DC, ready to take on the music world with honest, heavy pop rock. Echoheart released a powerful and energized anthem, titled Take a Lesson, in the spring of 2017, turning into a crowd favorite and further showing their potential. Following their summer tour of 2017,Echoheart put out a sophomore release on March 3, 2018, completely fan funded through GoFundMe titled, The Way We Were Made.

Sam Cooper & The Sleepwalkers

Sam Cooper & The Sleepwalkers is an art-rock band from the outskirts of Washington DC. Genre-blurring and eclectic, their sound is equal parts finessed and handmade, beautiful and dissonant, psychedelic and dusty - melodic, lush, atmospheric, dynamic, and cathartically raw.

Recognizing that art has a unique power to transform, transcend, and purify, SC&S make music meant to move the heart and mind of listeners, to connect with the deeper and more ineffable truths of human existence: that there is beauty in ugliness, healing through pain, illumination in darkness, answers in mystery. Their shows are designed as immersive events, their recordings as sonic microcosms.

The Sleepwalkers are bassist Michael Stettes (Stettes), multi-instrumentalist Corey Thuro (Seneca), keyboardist Chris Mathews (Distant Creatures, Grave Nature), and drummer Andrew Baughman (Baughman Dynasty). They are led by songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer Sam Cooper, who writes nocturnal compositions dominated by themes of loss, love, time, and the cosmic experience.

Bite Marks

Bite Marks is a genre-bending alt rock group from DC. Sultry, sentimental, and a little bit sinister.


Formed by bassist Will Gies, drummer Zachary Gehr, and guitarists Aaron Sorge and Tito Ramirez, Sequel is a hard-hitting alternative rock band from Northern Virginia. Akin to the sounds of Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, and Blink-182, Sequel brings their eclectic personalities and musical tastes together to create a unique yet familiar sound that will move mountains and part seas.



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