The Universal Listening Room

feat. Drink Company

Drink Company is responsible for PUB, the pop-up bar that housed Games of Thrones PUB and Miracle on 7th Street, as well as 2017 “Best American Cocktail Bar” winner, the Columbia Room.



Take a second to think about your first concert, or the first time you listened to your favorite album in your parents’ basement with your friends. Think about how you feel when you’re in the moment with music, when it is flowing over you.

This summer, join U Street Music Hall co-founder/owner Will Eastman and guest selectors Sundays at U Hall's Frontbar for The Universal Listening Room, an evening where we celebrate our favorite songs of all time and the pure, communal connection we experience with music. A place where we can gather to enjoy songs we all know and love in a welcoming, unpretentious environment that's conducive to conversation with friends, old and new.

Connect with the music. Connect IRL with one another. Connect.

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