Lip Sync Battle Burlesque

Lip Sync Battle Burlesque

Back by popular demand! Ellie Quinn returns with special production of Lip Sync Battle! Get ready as Burlesque performers step into the ring to brawl, strip and lip sync it off. Watch out - Glitter will fly and Mics will drop as one perfromer will reign supreme. YOU the audience decides who wins it all!!


Scarlet Starlet - Hailing from Richmond, Virginia: The twirling temptress. Member of the troupe Burlesque Right Meow. She is ready to defend her title!

Gordita Maricona - Hailing from Richmond, Virginia: The big belly boricua of Richmond. Tearing down stages from Richmond to DC since her debut 2 years ago. Fierce, fat, and unforgettable.

Zadora Zaftig - Hailing from Richmond, Virginia: The full bodied chocolate stout. Enchanting stages all over the East Coast for over 4 years. Known for her unique twists on classic burlesque routines with her beautiful fan dances and playful bubble dances!

Molly Mayberry - Hailing from Richmond, Virginia: Small town big titties. Wide-eyed and full of hope and/or wine. A former DC resident so it seems she has home court advantage having made her debut on this very stage.

Nyx Nebulae - Hailing from Richmond, Virginia: The resident starry eyed space boi. Enjoy this cosmic adventure as he takes you on a journey through space and time!

Hosted by a whole lot more than you bargained for... Venessa Chevelle
Serving as our stage referee: Ellie Quinn

Brought to you by Ellie Quinn Productions

*This event is 21+*

$12.00 - $15.00


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