Dan Tyminski (solo)

Dynamic on stage, down to earth off stage, Dan Tyminski has the voice, instrumental chops, and charisma to be counted among the most recognizable and popular male vocalists on today’s bluegrass and country music scenes. Yet his demeanor – low-key and laconically sly – ensures that all the accolades are the product of his own innate gifts.

Since 1994, his ace instrumental skill (mainly on guitar, but also on mandolin) and burnished, soulful tenor singing has been a key component of Alison Krauss and Union Station, arguably the most visible and successful bluegrass band in the modern era.

Lissy Rosemont ( from Junior League Band)

Lissy Rosemont, of The Junior League Band

Why would an Atlanta singer with a Southern accent and a bluegrass-music-loving dad end up in Washington, D.C.?

To get a master's degree in physiology and biophysics from Georgetown, of course.

Lissy Rosemont, 27, frontwoman of Junior League Band, her life has been shaped, it seems, by contrasting worlds: father (think Walter in "The Big Lebowksi," only mix in the South and some bluegrass, Rosemont says) and a hymn-singing, angelic, peaceful mother from an influential Southern family. That, perhaps, gives you an idea of the type of person who would pursue a career as a doctor, only to turn it aside for the life of a struggling musician.

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