American Television

American Television

DC Area band American Television has brewed up something special for their next release, Death Defier. It's not just the A side, they have also partnered with Weird Brothers Coffee in Herndon, VA to create a limited batch coffee blend that shares the same name.

Born in the sprawling suburban wastelands on the outskirts of Washington DC, Virginia Creep emerge from an unexpected hotbed of forward-thinking subversive artists.

With a rich lineage that includes bloodlines as diverse as Tideland, Pig Destroyer, A Papier Mache Monster, Nit Pic & many more, Virginia Creep sound as appropriately bipolar as the myriad divisions surrounding them.

A formidable beast spanning a multitude of heavy rock sub-genres, the forthcoming debut EP from this new quartet merges the wide ranging backgrounds and influences of J.R. Hayes (vocals), Aaron Mason (guitar), Ben Tufts (drums) and Christopher Wright (bass).

All veterans of underground/independent music, Virginia Creep treads new territory for the band members with a left-of-center, haunting melodic approach.


The OSYX harnesses feminine power and unity through a shimmering and shifting set of collectively crafted songs wrapped in harmonies, melodic tension, rock & roll growls, snarls, and soaring howls.


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