Gringo Star

Gringo Star

Gringo Star are insouciant explorers, tossing the paddles overboard and drifting on the currents of their lackadaisical curiosity across a rippling sonic ocean, out to the far edges of rock & roll. Shots pulsing from a vintage Leslie speaker, their guitars, keys and vocals create the psychoactive ingredients of their echo-slathered, doo-wop-indebted indie gems; psychedelic garage bangers, gritty R&B shuffles and spaghetti western weirdness. Taking cues from Santo & Johnny, The Stooges, Ritchie Valens, Marc Bolan, The Kinks, Sam Cooke, they're all here, their electric ghosts reaching across time, tapping Gringo Star on the shoulder like the crossroads devil to Robert Johnson, bestowing secrets, passing torches.

Boat Burning

Enlisting the help of musicians from some of the city's most high-profile bands, BOAT BURNING's founder Andras Fekete unfolds a stunning massed guitar event..." - DC Music Download

Boat Burning, a seven-guitar psychedelic math-rock collective from Washington D.C., plays "maximum minimalism", an intense hybrid of composition and improvisation for massed-electric guitars where simple passages are played by multiple instruments - sometimes as many as 50 - amped way, way up to produce shimmering towers of densely-stacked harmonics. The result is powerful, harmonically-complex music that combines the arc and sweep of classical with the visceral thrill of garage.

Originally formed in 2008 in Chapel Hill N.C.'s roiling experimental music scene, founding member Andras Fekete relocated the band to the U.S. capital in 2011 take part in that city's exploding musical renaissance. Since then, Boat Burning has attracted an astonishing array of collaborators from both cities.

For this performance, Boat Burning will bring its formidable core ensemble, seven guitars + a percussionist:

Andras Fekete (guitar);
Jonathan Matis (guitar), of DC IMPROVISORS QUARTET (DCIC);
Norm Veenstra (guitar), of TONE;
Geordie Grindle (guitar), of THE CHARM OFFENSIVE, THE TEEN IDLES, and TONE;
Phong Tran (guitar), of HALO VALLEY;
Robin Diamond (guitar, keys), of TRIANGLE RHYSING;
Mark Sherman (drums).

Heavy Breathing

Former members of The Apes reunite for another journey into psychedelia. Fusing punk, dance, metal, and more into one intense package, Heavy Breathing is more than just a band. It is an experience.



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